Hendas Law Foundation Logo

Henda's Law Foundation was formed for the purpose of bringing awareness to Dense Breast Tissue and the complexities of its existence as related to breast Cancer.

The Foundation is named after Henda Salmeron, the 2012 “Maverick Mom” who created, lobbied, and passed Henda’s Law. Henda’s Law is HB 2012 that changed the standard of care for all women in the State of Texas and directly influenced the subsequent passing and/or introduction of sister bills in 49 other states.

The 2012 ratification of Henda’s Law and its effect on the nation, has saved many of lives and has affected hundreds of millions more.

Proceeds from the Foundation are for the benefit of the of women who might not otherwise be able to afford proper breast cancer screening and medical care. Contributed funds remain in the community from which they are received and directly benefit local women.